Nature Art Pieces

1st Place

"1st Place"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"1st Place" who doesn't want to experience what it feels like to be in first place?

Beauty and Grace

"Beauty and Grace"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Beauty and Grace" - Showing both beauty and grace, butterflies are simply amazing in their delicate ease of flight and harmless nature, yet accomplishing a very important task for our planet; that of naturally propagating plant, flower, and vegetable life around the globe that's crucial to our very existence.

Bimini Blue

"Bimini Blue"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Bimini Blue" - Inspired by the light blue waters of Bimini Island in the Bahamas, where from the air, the shallow waters and the white sand ocean floor transition the deep blue ocean surrounding the islands into breathtaking coastlines of gradient light blue seawater and white sand beaches.

His Majesty

"His Majesty"

2018 Award Certificate

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"His Majesty" - Peacocks are truly majestic birds when seen in person, it's no wonder they have captivated our attention for centuries and have inspired countless artists to create beautiful works of art. I photographed this male peacock while he was relaxed and preening his amazing set of feathers, and I just love the gentle slope of his eyespots and how they reflect purple in the warmth of sunlight and blue in the shade of the tree.

Morning Light

"Morning Light"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Morning Light" - The low angle yellow sunlight available in the morning brings out the true colors of this wonderfully perched red Cardinal resting on a thriving bougainvillea at the Albin Polasek Museum in Winter Park, FL. ( The pale yellow background really allows the male Cardinal to be prominent and lofty on his temporary perch and creates a shadowy lushness in the bougainvillea.

Perfect Harmony

"Perfect Harmony"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Perfect Harmony" - Sunlight, butterfly, flower, nectar, and pollen united in perfect harmony!



16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

“Reciprocity” - There always seem to be thorny issues in nature, and indeed life itself, when going after the rewards.



16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Revitalize" - Maybe it's the rhythmic sound of the waves washing ashore, or the salty air, or the sand squishing between our toes while strolling along the shoreline; there's just no substitute for the revitalizing feeling we all have after a day at the beach!




16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

“Simplicity” is expressed to emphasize the beauty and importance of pollination that brings our world to life with beautiful flowers to behold and the necessary vegetation that helps sustain life on Earth.

Tiny Island

"Tiny Island"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Tiny Island" is inspired by the feeling we all have at times of existing on a tiny island by ourselves.

Warmth of the Sun

"Warmth of the Sun"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Warmth of the Sun" is inspired by the idea that taking a moment to bask in the warmth of sunlight is such a wonderful experience, even seagulls indulge in it every once in a while!

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