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Mechanical Art Pieces

Modern Living

“Modern Living”

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

“Modern Living” is expressed to honor the safe harnessing and distribution of electricity for the greater benefit of humankind. Discovering how to make electricity readily available would have to rank as one of the greatest inventions of all time; it enables the world to be the modern societies we all enjoy today.

Mechanical Sights

"Mechanical Sights"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Mechanical Sights" - Dating as far back as the 17th century, mechanical crosshair sighting devices, or reticule, have been utilized to aim weapons as well as telescopes and other optical sighting devices. Innovative improvements used to take much longer to implement prior to the age of computers, as this bi-wing fighter aircraft only became obsolete in the 1930's.

With over 400 years of functional use, optical sights with crosshair reticule are still in common use today, only being replaced relatively recently by computer simulated sighting screens.

Air Molecules

"Air Molecules"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Air Molecules" is expressed to celebrate the engineering achievements of humankind's effort to explore its environment and ceaselessly innovate to improve the conditions for life. Safely flying through the air to travel great distances, or to command the skies for the defense of a nation, is a relatively new human endeavor that wouldn't be possible without the air molecules of our atmosphere.

The envelope that surrounds the fuselage of the USAF Thunderbird jet in this piece provides a visual representation of the invisible air molecules that actually make up our atmosphere and how essential they are in making modern flight possible.

Proud Heritage

“Proud Heritage”

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

“Proud Heritage” is expressed to honor the gift of color that General Motors concluded would give them a sales edge in the early production of their automobiles, especially after Henry Ford’s statement that “People can have any color car they wish, so long as it is black” was turned into a marketing differentiator as they offered their new cars in a range of colors.

Engineering Marvel

"Engineering Marvel"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Engineering Marvel" - Air shows are a great place to capture mechanical design elements of vintage aircraft. The North American T-28B Trojan was an active training aircraft for US Air Force and Navy pilots and had a top speed of 340 kts / 630 kmh dating back to 1950, a considerable engineering accomplishment at the time.



16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

“Lifespan” - A year is a good amount of time to measure our progress in this thing called life. When seeing the years of a lifetime in sequential blocks, it brings a different perspective. What are you doing with your 84 blocks of time? (measured in rows starting at the bottom right and counting left)

Fantasy of Flight

"Fantasy of Flight"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Fantasy of Flight" - Nearly everyone dreams of flying unencumbered through the air with the freedom and ease of our feathered friends. Why do you think we all want the coveted window seat? So we can gaze in wonderment about what it would actually feel like to fly so freely in our beautiful blue skies.

Concrete Cloudscape

"Concrete Cloudscape"

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Concrete Cloudscape" I just love the symbolism of this weathered concrete barrier with its red directional arrows embedded in a beautifully rustic blue sky cloudscape. If we objectively look back at our life, the greatest growth occurred when we decided to go one way or the other.




16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

"Sparks" - Fireworks date all the way back to medieval China in the early 9th century and have continuously been used to celebrate important events and national accomplishments. Fortunately, fireworks that were able to display colors were invented in Europe in the 1830's. With humankind's constant desire to innovate and improve, today we enjoy colorfully choreographed firework displays in cities all over the world.

Thinking Ahead

“Thinking Ahead”

16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

“Thinking Ahead” is inspired by the idea that planning ahead is the best way we can help shape and determine the outcome of something. In the case of defending the value of personal freedom as a way of life, incredible amounts of innovation, planning, designing, and execution have to come together to achieve the safety and security we all seek as a nation of free people.

In defending our historic experiment of democracy as a better way of governing and living, knowing ahead of time the value it would create for humankind requires constant thinking ahead to be prepared to defend and protect it when necessary.



16:9 in 4 sizes up to 80” x 45”

“Traffic” - As humans, cars give us the ultimate freedom of movement to readily take us where we want to go whenever we want. But what happens when we all want to go to the same place at the same time?

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