Welcome to the portfolio of award-winning Photography Artist Kevin Sibbitt, whose artwork pieces are expressed using color accurate AluminArte indoor/outdoor media specifically designed to last a lifetime without fading, cracking, or peeling over time.

What Are Rainbow Cloudscapes?

"Between Black and White"

“If sunlight is the combination of all known colors, and darkness is the absence of sunlight, then color only exits between the two extremes of darkness and sunlight.”
— Kevin Sibbitt, Photography Artist

Natural Rainbow Colors

Everyday water fountain rainbow

Much like storm chasers and other decisive-moment photographers, the thrill of capturing fleeting rainbow cloudscapes started a new photographic journey in my life as I discovered and began to passionately seek out more opportunities to capture cloudscapes filled with prismatic sunlight.

Similar to how a neighborhood water fountain can display reflected rainbow colors when viewed at a particular angle, moisture-rich clouds occasionally disperse prismatic sunlight over a much broader area creating spectacular rainbow filled cloudscapes.

Natural Rainbow Cloudscapes

“Array of Color”

After experiencing the excitement of capturing these special moments in atmospheric time, I was soon captivated by the fact that each successive rainbow cloudscape capture would always be composed of different cloud shapes, rainbow color gradients, and the drama of sunlight itself; it’s this perfect mixture of artistic intrigue and amazing color surprises that continues to energize my pursuit to capture the next beautiful rainbow cloudscape moment.

In my opinion, this has made photographing cloudscapes one of the most interesting pursuits available in photography today; capturing fleeting cloudscapes while they’re displaying the real-life color combinations of the seven colors of the rainbow? Indeed, it continues to be a thrilling surprise on several occasions each year for over a decade now!

“It truly is remarkable to witness and capture natural rainbow cloudscapes as they constantly change shape and display the natural colors of sunlight; only to have it slip away within minutes, never to be captured the same way ever again.”
— Kevin Sibbitt, Photography Artist

A Sense of Wonder and Awe

“Rainbow Crest”

When witnessing this natural optical phenomenon first-hand through the viewfinder of my camera, I can only describe having a feeling of wonder and awe at how nature’s always-flowing mixture of atmospheric clouds and sunlight can create such spectacular rainbow cloudscape moments.

Several times each year I keep getting re-amazed at the differing natural beauty each rainbow cloudscape moment seems to be able to display compared to the last one captured; it may be familiar, but it’s never the same drama of sunlight, rainbow colors, or cloud shapes.

I can only say that it’s especially exciting when all the right atmospheric elements come together at just the right time, as my “Rainbow Crest” piece shows, to create a spectacular example of the optical phenomenon of prismatic sunlight.

As breathtaking as it is to capture these colorful moments, with the fleeting nature of clouds this natural show of prismatic sunlight all too quickly begins to fade away, often within a few minutes, and it is then gone forever.

Exceptional AluminArte Media

“Natural Color Transition”

My unwavering passion to capture rainbow cloudscape moments, as well as my scenes of nature, flowers, color, and elements of mechanical design over the past decade has inspired me to create a portfolio to showcase my photography art as titled AluminArte™ single and limited edition pieces available in my Taming The Sun gallery store.

After seeing for myself the unmatched color accuracy, depth perception, and glazed indoor/outdoor durability of the Image Wizards AluminArte media, I can assure you my titled artwork pieces will provide your design space with a lifetime of color accurate viewing pleasure that is sure to get the attention of family, friends, or clients each time they are able to experience your new artwork piece in person.

Kevin Sig_v2 2019.png

“Crystal Rainbow”

“Crystal Rainbow” - A rare event in my cloudscape captures, these almost transparent clouds are glowing with prismatic sunlight creating a beautiful rainbow cloudscape!


“My rainbow cloudscape pieces express the very essence of our sun’s natural color spectrum, with each piece having its own unique combination of wind-swept clouds displaying natural rainbow color that can never be captured again.”
— Kevin Sibbitt, Photography Artist



"Convergence" - Different types of clouds are floating around in our atmosphere at all different levels that can make them appear as if they are running into each other, when in fact, they are just superimposing themselves because of our viewpoint from earth. What makes this capture special is the converging clouds also happened to be dispersing sunlight into a mixture of rainbow colors at the time, creating a beautiful rainbow cloudscape.


"Revitalize" - Maybe it's the rhythmic sound of the waves washing ashore, or the salty air, or the sand squishing between our toes while strolling along the shoreline; there's just no substitute for the revitalizing feeling we all have after a day at the beach!


“It is my sincere wish that my nature pieces express to humankind the importance nature and its myriad of creations play in making our everyday lives better and infinitely more enjoyable throughout our lifetime.”
— Kevin Sibbitt - Photography Artist


“Delicate Balance”

"Delicate Balance" - Inspired by my awe of the delicate balance between natural pollination and the sustainment of a lively, thriving planet we all must share together.

“Form Serves Function”

"Form Serves Function" is inspired by the concept that regardless of form, all the great designs of the world, from antiquity to present, have in some way been inspired by the beauty and grace of Mother Nature.


“The incredible diversity, beauty, and natural scent of flowers are legendary and have been utilized for centuries to express a range of different human emotions; from love to joy to the grief of loss, flowers seem to say it better than we can say it ourselves.”
— Kevin Sibbitt, Photography Artist



"Strawflower" is one of many inspiring displays of natural planning, design, structure, color, form, and function all neatly arranged and working together to provide us with a reference of what beautiful looks like; when we follow the simplicity of nature’s design cues, good things seem to flow from it.

“Amber Art”

"Amber Art" - My digital color art palettes are captured within botanical garden flowerbeds that are radiating color as a result of their exposure to sunlight, and as such, my color art pieces are expressed to celebrate the natural color spectrum of sunlight as an art form.


“Color palettes captured in real-life botanical flowerbeds are used to create my digital works of color art representing the color spectrum of sunlight as an art form.”
— Kevin Sibbitt, Photography Artist


"Waiting" - Like most of us, patiently waiting in line certainly isn't on my list of favorite things to do. The question is, does it really only happen at the most inopportune times, or is it because we are always so hurried that we seem to notice it more?


“Modern Living”

“Modern Living” is expressed to honor the safe harnessing and distribution of electricity for the greater benefit of humankind. Discovering how to make electricity readily available would have to rank as one of the greatest inventions of all time; it enables the world to be the modern societies we all enjoy today.


“My mechanical design pieces are created from my compositional interest in capturing artistic elements of humankind’s mechanical designs.”
— Kevin Sibbitt, Photography Artist

“Mechanical Sights”

"Mechanical Sights" - Dating as far back as the 17th century, mechanical crosshair sighting devices, or reticule, have been utilized to aim weapons as well as telescopes and other optical sighting devices. Innovative improvements used to take much longer to implement prior to the age of computers, as this bi-wing fighter aircraft only became obsolete in the 1930's.

With over 400 years of functional use, optical sights with crosshair reticule are still in common use today, only being replaced relatively recently by computer simulated sighting screens.


Impressionist Style Photography Artwork

“With the ubiquitous nature of photographic images in today’s world, I specifically choose a different path for my photographic captures by developing an artistic image processing workflow for my digital captures that essentially removes sharpness and technical excellence as the value basis for an artistic photograph.”
— Kevin Sibbitt, Photography Artist

“Perfect Harmony Squared”

Resembling the relaxed style of Impressionist paintings that let our mind fill in the missing details, my artwork pieces allow the viewer to soak up the simple beauty of our naturally colorful world, and the myriad of lifeforms it supports, without focusing on the documentary details of how they happen to exist, but rather why they exist at all.

Personally, I find my clouds, nature, flowers, color, and mechanical art pieces refreshingly simple and therapeutic in the sense that they are absent all the fine details in exchange for a simplified beauty that is intriguing to the mind and revitalizing to the relationship we all share with the everlasting gifts of nature.

At least that’s what I feel when viewing my artwork in person, and it is my sincere wish that you will experience a similar feeling when you choose my Taming The Sun AluminArte pieces to brighten the indoor or outdoor design elements of your home, office, restaurant, hospitality, or public access space.

Taming The Sun Gallery Store


All gallery store pieces are shipped in custom-built wood crates

You can easily browse my available AluminArte pieces by format in my Taming The Sun gallery store, just select the clouds, widescreen, portrait, square, or narrowed viewing filters at the top of the page.

To ensure a safe and timely delivery of your gallery store order, all pieces are shipped in custom-built wood crates and include free domestic-only UPS Express® delivery service and are backed with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

“The AluminArte media is as long-lasting as it is beautiful to view, uniquely offering both indoor or outdoor placement options without the usual fear of the artwork fading, discoloring, cracking, or peeling over time.”
— Taming The Sun gallery store