Welcome to the portfolio of award-winning Photography Artist Kevin Sibbitt, whose artwork pieces are expressed using color accurate AluminArte indoor/outdoor media specifically designed to last a lifetime without fading, cracking, or peeling over time.

Artist Biography - CV

“ was an incredible time of photographic discovery and artistic awareness that has proven to be an important building-block on the way to becoming the person and artist I am today.”
— Kevin Sibbitt, Photography Artist
Kevin Sibbitt

Kevin Sibbitt

My exploration in the art of photography began in the 35mm film days of my early twenties when I was experiencing and capturing the amazing cultures and traditions of Asia while serving aboard US Navy ships of the US Seventh Fleet.

Stationed in Japan and having the luxury of eight years to acclimate and embrace its unique culture, as well as the many countries I visited in southeast Asia, it was an incredible time of photographic discovery and artistic awareness that has proven to be an important building-block on the way to becoming the person and artist I am today. Looking back, it was an indelible experience for a kid from Florida that continues to be a nostalgic and memorable time in my life.

It wasn’t until 2006 when I entered the digital age of photography to capture family moments that I reignited my interest and passion for artistic composition and expression through the lens of my camera. Since then I have endeavored to improve my compositional awareness and artistic timing as well as learning how to approach my photographic work with patience and great anticipation.

My Guiding Purpose

Featured Artwork - “Beauty and Grace”

The guiding purpose of my artistic expression is to create enriching artwork that is captivating in appearance, yet simple enough to engage the observer; allowing them to wonder about our natural world, why it exists, and the vital role it plays in our survival as a species.

I really enjoy capturing and contemplating the seemingly effortless aesthetics of nature, versus those created by humankind to satisfy our infrastructural needs and desires, and I feel my portfolio pieces are a reflection of my thoughts and observations of the two opposing aesthetics over time.

“It is my sincere hope that my artwork pieces can play a meaningful role in reminding humankind of the indispensable role nature and its myriad of creations plays in making our everyday lives better and infinitely more enjoyable throughout our lifetime.”
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Kevin Sibbitt
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M-F 9am-6pm, EST, USA

 Artist’s Support For Scholastic Chess

“Chess is everything: art, science, and sport.”
— Anatoly Karpov, 12th World Chess Champion

2019 Florida State Scholastic Chess Championship in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to my photography artist work, In January 2015 I founded the Orlando Chess Academy to provide scholastic chess training as an after-school activity. After seeing first-hand how chess, a board game kids enjoy learning and playing, can positively influence the mental awareness, discipline, and logical thought processing in children, I was further inspired to volunteer my time in support of scholastic chess by serving the Central Florida Chess Club, a local non-profit chess club & tournament organizer established in 1987.

In February 2015, I was elected to the board of directors to serve as scholastic coordinator and webmaster to assist the club with its tournament events and modernize their website operations. In February 2016 I was elected to serve in the additional position of club Vice President where I continue to donate my time in support of their community involvement in organizing and hosting competitive chess events for players of all ages in the greater Orlando area.

It was through my scholastic chess training efforts with the Academy that serendipity once again played an important role in my life when I met chess instructor Daniel Glidewell in 2016, who has since become the Academy’s lead chess coach, classroom trainer, and is co-founder of my Taming The Sun gallery store.

Naturally we began collaborating together on more and more chess activities which, over time, made it clear that Daniel's skill set and decision making could assist me with the business development of my photography artwork, something we artists tend to struggle with while engaging in our chosen craft of artistic expression.

After sharing my portfolio with Daniel, together we have endeavored to establish our Taming The Sun gallery store to showcase and facilitate the seamless purchase of my single & limited edition artwork pieces.

Gallery Store Director

Daniel Glidewell

Daniel Glidewell

Welcome! My name is Daniel Glidewell, I’m a scholastic chess instructor, private chess coach, and co-founder of Taming The Sun, Kevin Sibbitt's photography artist gallery store, based in Oviedo, Florida.

Having worked as lead chess coach and instructor at his Orlando Chess Academy since August of 2015, it was through our mutual work in teaching scholastic chess that Kevin and I developed a working relationship and discovered we were like minded entrepreneurs. 

My contributions as co-founder began in the fall of 2016 after Kevin initially shared his interest in having me help him establish an online gallery for his artwork. I clearly remember the day he shared his portfolio with me for the first time; I was very impressed with his titled artwork and really felt a connection to the artistic style of his portfolio. Having always appreciated art in my life and at home, I knew I wanted to establish an active role in helping him bring his artwork pieces to life.

We had many conversations in the following months about how we could work together to offer his collection pieces to art enthusiasts around the world. In March of 2017 we co-founded Taming The Sun as a modern, responsive online gallery store to provide a seamless viewing and buying experience for his signed artwork.

I invite you to view his portfolio to experience the scope of his single and limited edition artwork for yourself. Like me, I believe you’ll find it refreshing and unique in its artistic expression of rainbows, nature, flowers, color, and mechanical design pieces. 

As co-founder and director of Taming The Sun gallery store, I’d be happy to assist you with any questions you would like to get answered and will endeavor to reply as quickly as possible.


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Daniel Glidewell
(407) 221-3573
M-F 9am-6pm, EST, USA

Photography Artist Kevin Sibbitt
Curriculum Vitae 2006-2019

Kevin Sibbitt Artist Profile Image ©2018
“As a photography artist, I am indeed grateful that others find my artwork pieces engaging and meaningful enough to express their recognition and appreciation. Thank you so much!”
— Kevin Sibbitt, Photography Artist

2018 LightSpaceTime 8th Annual Nature Art Exhibition

In November 2018 I submitted several of my nature pieces in the 8th annual Nature Art Exhibition, an international online art competition that included 742 artist entries from 22 different countries and 37 US States, and I’m very pleased to announce that two of my “His Majesty” peacock artwork pieces have received special recognition awards:

“His Majesty Squared” Awarded Special Merit Recognition in the Photography/Digital Art Category

“His Majesty Squared”

2018 Award Certificate

2018 Award Certificate

“His Majesty” Awarded Special Recognition in the Digital Art Category

“His Majesty”

2018 Award Certificate

2018 Award Certificate

March 2018- Registered as my Portfolio Site

2017- Selected as a Member Artist by

September 2016- Established Taming The Sun Gallery Store


Designed the Taming The Sun corporate logo and registered to develop our gallery store as a secure SSL enabled e-commerce platform to facilitate the safe purchasing of my single and limited edition AluminArte indoor/outdoor pieces.


Continuously developed and refined my photographic anticipation and composition during this time, when at the beginning of 2015 I was inspired to create a unique artistic expression for my digital captures. Since that time, my passion to artistically express my photographic work has yielded the artwork pieces now available in my Taming The Sun gallery store.

2008 & 2009 Magazine & Book Cover Art

MAY 2009- Cover Image & Featured Artist, Winter Park Magazine.

2008 Commemorative Albin Polasek Museum coffee table book.

“Sower at Dusk” - Photography Artist Kevin Sibbitt

2006- Reignited my passion for photographic expression by engaging in the digital photography era.